Evidence-based optimization of creative strategies and tactics

The challenge:

Many studies show that advertising campaigns rarely achieve their goals. Even successful creations usually cannot be replicated. The information provided by advertising tests for the optimization of advertising is rather vague. Recommended creative vehicles are only derived via benchmarking, which is susceptible to spurious correlations.

The solution:

We combine three decisive techniques in order to be able to solve the challenges better. 1. measure the emotional reaction (7 basic types), because emotional activation is a decisive prerequisite for success, 2. profile the objective characteristics of the commercial with 200 criteria strong coding regulations and 3. determine the effect of creative techniques and emotions on brand strength and purchase intention. Creative.AI can be used in three steps.

  • Step 1 Category Study: We conduct advertising tests with the commercials of your extended competitive environment and determine the emotional messages that make advertising successful in your product category.
  • Step 2 Copy testing: The emotion-based advertising test used can be used with little effort for the pre- and posttest of your advertising spots, animatics but also print ads, radio spots, websites, and much more.
  • Step 3 Creative Strategy Workshop: Together with your marketing team we develop a target-oriented creative briefing. We use our “60,000 profiled examples” database to illustrate which techniques and implementation variants are effective.

Your benefit:

With more concrete, evidence-based guidelines, you minimize the risk of bad campaigns and increase the chance of exceptionally high ROIs. The tried and tested Creative Strategy Workshop ensures that the creative implementation will be based on the rule of success that has been uncovered.

Here is more: Presentation on CREATIVE.AI at the ESOMAR 2017 Conference