The Science of Marketing Decisions

Powered by NEUSRELTM Causal Analysis

With a Self-learning Causal Approach to Key Drivers Analysis We Identify Marketing’s Success Drivers

Key Driver Analysis

Brand Driver & Positioning

Understand how to drive brand consideration and purchase intent – see this case study

Copy Test and Optimization

Expand your copy tests by quantifying implicit and explicit data and extracting copy’s success drivers using NEUSREL causal analysis.

Conjoint Analysis

Optimize product and pricing by leveraging Holistic Conjoint Analysis.

Loyalty Drivers

Understand the true underlying reasons for your customer’s loyalty by leveraging causal driver analytics.

Sales Impact

Quantify the ROI of sales instruments and POS material.


Marketing, Sales & Pricing Strategies

Top-Management Consultants with extensive experience experience translate insights to strategies.

Research Approach Coaching

We consult independent from agencies with latest methodologic knowledge.

Advice in Agency Selection and RfP's

We support frequent customers in research agency selection and RFP’s

Sophisticated insights successfully communicated

Our set of dedicated methods enables internal acceptance of sophisticated insights.


Improvement Initiatives

Have needed improvements? We stimulate a productive working spirit and commitment to actions plans. We guarantee fast and significant gains– powered by MOVETM

Concept Implementation

Ensure your concept, plan or strategy will translate into profitable actions– powered by MOVETM

Annual strategy meetings

The most effective annual meeting you ever participated. With MOVETM you’ll exceed targets, guaranteed!

We are Success Drivers – marketing & sales experts that use advanced causal analytics, e.g. for key driver analysis and conjoint analysis, to substantiate recommendations. We are based in Cologne (Germany) and Santa Barbara, California.
Our USP:

World-class Insights

because we uncover hidden key success factors of your business with NEUSRELTM

Senior Experts Only

because our experts have at least 10 years of experience

Impact Guaranteed

because MOVETM generates a broad internal commitment.


buckler001Frank Buckler, PhD
Founder and CEO, inventor of NEUSRELTM, and co-developer of MOVETM, data scientist (since 1994) and marketing & sales professional (since 1999), book author and speaker.

weber001René Weber, PhD, MD.
Head of our US office, data mining and communication research specialist (since 1995), ,cognitive neuroscientist (since 2008), accredited ARF neuromarketing expert and customer insight-expert.

schmidt002Steffen Schmidt, PhD.
Head of our Academic Relationships Initiative, which provides discounted NEUSREL-licenses under the “NEUSREL Causal Analytics” brand as well as statistical consulting and training.

Success Drivers also include a group of senior top management consultants, a team of data analysts, sales development managers, and a back-office team.

Selected references:
  • We learned that we are sitting on data which are a goldmine of insights. Success Drivers is the only institute I know of that is equipped with the right expertise and methodology to help us explore such useful insights.Marc Güntermann, Head of Service Development After Sales, AUDI AG
  • Dr. Buckler provided us excellent expertise in marketing strategies and showed a unique capacity to convert complex information and insights into simple, but highly impactful concepts and action plans. Philippe Marty, European Head of Marketing and General Manager France, GREIF Inc.
  • Success Drivers helped us to focus our communication on few key elements. …I was impressed how the team delivered …reliable, easily understandable results … Christiane Mougey, Managing Director SkinCeuticals, L'OREAL
  • We decided to use Success Drivers for Marketing spend optimization because it has the only method able to account for the inherent interactions and nonlinearities Daniel Kohlstaedt, Manager, Global Marketing Effectiveness, SOLVAY Pharma
  • Success Drivers provided us the confidence to advise our business partners on the most effective and efficient means for sustaining our brand momentum. David Feick, Ph.D. Director Consumer Insights, T-Mobile USA

“Sound Research” – ESOMAR 2016

Frank Buckler speaks @ ESOMAR 20. Sep. 2016 / New Orleans

“Sound Insights” – a Teaser for Feick & Buckler’s Talk @ ARF Re!Think2016

How SONOS Boosted its Growth Trajectory by Leveraging Advanced Causal Analytics.


“Which actions are the cause of success?” – This is the pivotal question of management and is hard to answer when it comes to marketing and sales. Simply because so many simultaneous factors influence the outcomes that marketing and sales are trying to manage. This is the reason why it is impossible to judge about success factors by looking at KPI’s. Business Intelligence and other descriptive ways to compare figures lead astray!

Conventional (inductive) statistical methods that were built to help, show severe practical drawbacks. They force us to assume “the more the better”. They force us to assume actions have always the same incremental impact. And they simply do not consider that there may be multiple causing factors.

NEUSRELTM is an analytic platform that handles those and other practical limitations of conventional methods. NEUSREL delivers unexpected insights that resonate with intuition. Because it models reality as it is –as opposed to how we think it is- NEUSREL regularly explains 30 to 80% better why customers buy (see, Feature article in Marketing Research Magazine, Scientific paper)

NEUSRELTM has been tested, results have been published in scientific journals, and its accuracy has been acknowledged by leading espert (Publications). NEUSREL gave rise to entire new class of statistical procedures called “”Universal Structure Modeling“ (USM). Leading brands around the world use the practical value of USM which does not require those assumptions that are difficult to justify . (References).


No matter whether you need to implement a new concept or whether you like to start improvement initiatives, it is key that all coworkers across departments commit to your plan and are motivated to implement it. Unfortunately, in reality this is difficult to accomplish and requires organizational processes that are designed to improve communication and team spirit in organizations. It has been shown that just 30% of project meet its expectations.

This challenge can only be mastered when we put those who are responsible for implementation in the driver seat and when we manage to perform the necessary cross-functional coordination process in a fraction of time.

MOVETM is an established methodology that facilitates project management and fosters team motivation and commitment. The underlying principle was discovered by the Canadian scientist Stafford Beer in the early 90s. He uses mathematical models to demonstrate that following some simple principles the required time needed for successful management can be reduced by factor 5 to 10.

MOVE’s underlying methodological principles have been applied and tested hundredfold with great success. For instance, strategic plans were translated into actions with bottom-line impacts. Sales initiatives have been launched with margins and sales.

“We applied MOVE for a business unit that was going to make losses. Within one year we turned that business around – all that was initiated by a two days event. Since then we use MOVE with success in more and more applications.”

Philippe Marty, Managing Director,
GREIF France


recent Book:

The End of the KPI-Illusion

Most of our knowledge in management, marketing and sales was gained by interpreting spurious correlations – mostly correlations between KPI’s. No surprise that even great managers too often make ineffective decisions. It is a proven fact, that today most product launches fail or most commercials are rather ineffective. Frank Bucklers illuminating book does away with the KPI-Illusion. He not just dissect how conclusions are really drawn today, but gives clear guidance on how and why managers can gain viable knowledge from data.

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Complementary On-Demand Webcast


Customer-Insight: A New Powerful Approach to Key Driver Modeling

Key driver modeling is a widely used technique to better understand why customers buy, why they consider a brand, and what increases brand loyalty. It is well known that conventional modeling techniques come with unrealistic statistical assumptions resulting in low explanation power. For that reasons, conventional techniques often lack face validity. Frank Buckler will illustrate an alternative approach to key driver modeling. Using simple examples, Frank will demonstrate how the new modeling approach will lead to entirely new insights (including the model-free discovery of nonlinearities in real-world customer data, interactions, and indirect effects).

  • discover eye-opening insights impossible to get with conventional methods
  • gain surprising results that make sense and resonate with your intuition
  • explain customer behavior 30% to 80% better
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Strukturgleichungsmodellierung - Einführung in die Kausalanalyse mit Hilfe von AMOS, SmartPLS und SPSS






doctoral dissertations using NEUSREL™










ESOMAR is the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide.
The Hidden Side of Facts & Figures


Frank Buckler @ Re!think2016: The Next Level of Key Driver Modeling
Frank Buckler speaks at ShopperBrain2016 in Amsterdam


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