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We are Success Drivers, because we find Success Drivers.



Generate Growth: BrandGrowth.AI

Adjust Marketing: Category.AI

Optimize Creatives: Creative.AI

Improve Media Mix & Planning: Mix.AI

Eliminate Reasons Not to Buy: RNB.AI

Improve Impact of Actions: Sales.AI

Optimize Price Points: Price.AI



Consumer Electronics







Conjoint Analysis

Econometric Modeling

Predictive Analytics

Small-Sample Regression

Structure Equation Modeling

Dimension Reduction

Powerful solutions evolve, when sound marketing and industry knowledge is combined with leading analytics and data science.

Our customers leverage proven solutions, which are combining exactly this – Analytics and Marketing Excellence. Our solution BrandGrowth.AI is a great example.

We also develop customized solution for our customers – always by leveraging the right analytical techniques. Here we mostly employ Key Driver Analysis tools such as Causal Machine Learning, Structural Equation Model, Econometric Modeling or Conjoint Analysis.

We also build predictive solutions. This ranges from churn predictions, dynamic pricing, bad dept detection, sales increasing A.I.-based instore music streams, to demand forecasting.


We provide cutting marketing & commercial effectiveness solutions in strategy, marketing, pricing and sales.
We combine sound domain and industry knowledge with the latest techniques such as causal machine learning, and more traditional methods such as conjoint analysis, to find the key success drivers in each specific client case. We are based in Cologne, Germany and Santa Barbara, CA.

Frank Buckler, PhD
Founder and CEO
Frank Buckler, PhD
Founder and CEO, inventor of NEUSRELTM, and co-developer of MOVETM, data scientist (since 1994) and marketing & sales professional (since 1999), book author and speaker.
René Weber, PhD
Head US Office
René Weber, PhD, MD.
Head of our US office, data mining and communication research specialist (since 1995), ,cognitive neuroscientist (since 2008), accredited ARF neuromarketing expert and customer insight-expert.
Steffen Schmidt, PhD
Head of Academic Licensing
Steffen Schmidt, PhD.
Head of our Academic Relationships Initiative, which provides discounted NEUSREL-licenses under the “NEUSREL Causal Analytics” brand as well as statistical consulting and training.
Robert Schmidt
Data Processing
Robert Schmidt –
Data Processing Specialist

Heads our data preprocessing
activities and supports in modeling projects

Stephan Schroeder, MA
Graphics, Reporting, Web
Stephan Schröder, MA 

Responsible for all our corporate design, marketing CI  and
project reports.

Handles all of our Online/Offline Media and Corporate Design.

Graeme Newell
Marketing Consultant
Graeme Newell – Marketing Consultant

Leading expert in Emotional Marketing, manages a leading database of +60.000 commercials profiled with a content analysis system he developed

Kevin Heinevetter
Executive Assistant
Kevin Heinevetter –
Executive Assistant

Engaged in business development and
handles most desktop research projects

Verena Ehmanns
Accounting, Tax, Admin
Verena Ehmanns –
Accounting, Tax and Legal Matters

Handles all accounting, tax and legal
management and related paperwork

Dominik Janzing, PhD
Causality Research Scientist
Dr. Dominik Janzing –
Causality Research Scientist

Leading expert in advanced causal data analysis,
15 years senior Scientist at MPI (Causality Group) and KIT

Team of 15 freelance consultants and analysts.
100% minimum 10 years industry experience, 65% with PhD.

We believe that it needs three things to develop and maintain powerful analytics-based marketing solutions:

  1. Experience: Our consultants and analysts have at least 10 years of relevant experience
  2. Excellence: Any supplier has some special expertise. Customers benefit if specialist suppliers team up in proven solution teams.
  3. Attitude: We see ourselves as “Marketing Engineers”. Scientists are looking for solutions that follow a true theory. Practitioners search for solutions that make sense. Engineers search for solutions that simply work and show real-life impacts.







“Sound Research” – ESOMAR 2016

Frank Buckler speaks @ ESOMAR 20. Sep. 2016 / New Orleans

Frank Buckler @ Quirks Event NYC, 2017

Innovations in Key Driver Analysis: How Sonos and Others Boost Sales with Machine-Learned Insights

“Sound Insights” – a Teaser for Feick & Buckler’s Talk @ ARF Re!Think2016

How SONOS Boosted its Growth Trajectory by Leveraging Advanced Causal Analytics.


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