Pre & Copy testing – redefined!
„A car for the price of a bicycle“

Conventional ad media tests measure many performance indicators and compare them with benchmarks. It is not always obvious how the different figures should be weighed against each other. Often the emotions that are triggered are not measured. However, emotional campaigns are proven to be twice as successful as rational ones. Above all, these instruments are designed to measure the performance, but not to determine concrete indications as to how advertisements can be improved.

The background to the procedure is a large-scale study covering 6 product categories and a detailed cause-effect model for effective advertising. Based on this model, we know which emotional triggers are effective for your industry, which creative techniques make an impact, and which emotional profile is necessary for successful advertising.

Creative.AI Copy Test is the new dimension of copy testing

Creative.AI Copy Testing offers the following advantages:

  1. Analytical benchmarking using the A.I. scores provides an unbiased statement of how effective your advertising is.
  2. Detailed evaluation of the advertising material based on a well-tested emotion model (Ekman Model). Further we measure core characteristics (e.g. Liked, Linked, Learned), an implicit association profile (additional KPI’s can be provided on request) and open end questions for every emotion.
  3. Unique recommendations for action based on our success driver model that has been created on the basis of 10,500 advertising material pretests.

This is how your result report could look like:


„A car for the price of a bicycle“

In addition to the valuable emotion tracking and state-of-the-art implicit measurements, you will get a model-based benchmarking and recommendations with undisputed validity. As we take advantage of an existing success driver model, you save 80 % compared to a regular copy test success driver study.

  • Price: 6,800 USD per spot (for N = 200 and IR from 40%)
  • Suitable for TV, video, print, radio and outdoor use.
  • Online presentation of results with one of our communication experts (Graeme Newell, Dr Rene Weber or Dr Frank Buckler) included

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