Leverage existing pretest datasets to reinvent your creative executions

Creative.AI uses pretest datasets to uncover creative design features and emotional triggers that are key predictors for effective commercials.

We profile all your pilot ads with our proprietary and tested content analysis framework. We use our AI-based key driver analysis procedure NEUSRELTM to identify specific design principles of winning ads.

Final, recommendations are finetuned by marketing experts – specialists with more than 15 years of industry experience who understand the design process in creative teams.

Gain Highly Actionable Insights

We profile commercials using 80 thoroughly defined emotional archetypes such as “The Achiever”, “Family Love” or “Be Smart”. Those are archetypical narratives that can be illustrated with thousands of ads from winning brands around the world.

Further, ads are profiled with over 50 creative vehicle categories such as “Celebrity”, “Voice-Over”, “Metaphor”, “Singing Sell” or “Product Solution”.

Those categories are the building blocks of successful commercials and are compatible to the thought processes of creative executives.

AI-based key driver analysis is now able to quantify what the true impact of those creative techniques are. Identified categories can be immediately implemented which makes this analytical concept actionable.

Leverage Existing Datasets

Custom fieldwork that spans over dozens or hundreds of ads can be quite expensive. We now have the technology to get more out of your valuable data.

Creative.AI uncovers the link between emotional triggers and creative vehicles to brand strength and purchase intention and predicts the effectiveness of your commercials with previously unconceivable accuracy.

BLUEPRINT out of our 60.000+ ads database.

Showing is thousand times more effective than explaining. Given our profiled database of 60.000+ ads we can identify “companion ads” that possess the same creative make-up DNA as your pilot spot.

You can‘t get a creative brief more vivid, clear and specific. As a consequence, your ads will gain plannable and significant market impact.

Emotional Marketing Enabled

Emotional Marketing is an approach that leverages an overarching insight: Logic makes people think, but emotions make people act. Utilizing the right emotions, attitudes and beliefs can turns prospects into fanatic groupies.

In this sense NIKE does not sell shoes, it sells the identity of being a performer. CORONA does not sell beer; it sells a feeling of total relaxation and joy.

Creative.AI is the latest scientifically validated instrument to identify those buildings block that make great Emotional Marketing creatives.

“We leveraged MetLife’s global ad-testing data and advanced NEUSREL modeling techniques to identify a path to purchase resulting from system 1, emotional, and system 2, rational, reactions to advertisements. Beside the valuable insights that the modeling delivered, our team was particularly impressed with Success Drivers ability to easily communicate complex concepts and insights.”

Nisha Yadav | AVP, Head of Global Brand Insights| MetLife

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