Implementing Byron Sharp’s approaches from “How Brands Grow”


You have read this book and are wondering how you can use the insights for your own brand?

We have developed specific tools shown below that can help you.

You can compile and use them selectively, modularly and step by step.

(Included free of charge: the bestseller “The end of the KPI illusion” as an e-book)

Module 1: Qualitative Audit

Based on our checklist we will assess whether your brands are properly into the current product category. We will collectively identify possible category entry points (CEP) and evaluate their significance and their position in terms of quality. We will evaluate brand uniqueness, continuity and quality of the creative approach. We will thoroughly check the media strategy and look at the distribution implementation – at the scale as well as in the design. Last but not least, we will find out using our checklist whether already reasons not to buy obviously restrain your growth.

Module 2: Basic Quantitative Analysis

Here we will conduct surveys in order to: (a) examine in cross-analysis, with which competitors you overlap; (b) quantify and evaluate for you the most important CEPs in the CEP assessment; (c) measure the brand salience of your brands; (d) evaluate your creations in a copy test and/or e) filter out optimal price points in an implicit pricing survey.

Module 3: Application of optimization tools

We will optimize the alignment of your marketing with Category.AI, identify the DNA of successful advertising of your category with Creative.AI, develop a media strategy of maximum reach with Media.AI, then optimize the media mix over time with Mix.AI, and evaluate and optimize the sales promotion measures with Sales.AI and finally optimize product and sale by disclosing the reasons not to buy with RNB.AI.

We have compiled the optimization tools for you in the growth package BrandGrowth.AI

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