No matter whether you need to implement a new concept or whether you like to start improvement initiatives, it is key that all coworkers across departments commit to your plan and are motivated to implement it. Unfortunately, in reality this is difficult to accomplish and requires organizational processes that are designed to improve communication and team spirit in organizations. It has been shown that 30% of project meet expectations.

This challenge can only be mastered when we put those who are responsible for implementation in the driver seat and When we manage to perform the necessary cross-functional coordination process in a fraction of time.

MOVETM is an established methodology that facilitates project management and fosters team motivation and commitment. The underlying principle was discovered by the Canadian scientist Stafford Beer in the early 90s. He uses mathematical models to demonstrate that following some simple principles the required time needed for successful management can be reduced by factor 5 to 10.

MOVE’s underlying methodological principles have been applied and tested hundredfold with great success. For instance, strategic plans were translated into actions with bottom-line impacts. Sales initiatives have been launched with margins and sales.

“We applied MOVE for a business unit that was going to make losses. Within one year we turned that business around – all that was initiated by a two days event. Since then we use MOVE with success in more and more applications.”

Philippe Marty, Managing Director,
GREIF France