“Which actions are the cause of success?” – This is the pivotal question of management and is hard to answer when it comes to marketing and sales. Simply because so many simultaneous factors influence the outcomes that marketing and sales are trying to manage. This is the reason, for instance, why it is impossible to judge about success factors by looking at KPI’s. Business intelligence and other descriptive ways to compare figures lead astray!

Conventional (inductive) statistical methods are characterize by a number of that were built to help, show severe practical drawbacks. They force us to assume “the more the better”. They force us to assume actions have always the same incremental impact – no matter at which what the circumstances are.. And they simply do not consider that there may be multiple causes causing factors may that influence each other.

NEUSRELTM is an analytic platform that handles those and other practical limitations of conventional methods. NEUSREL delivers unexpected insights that resonate with intuition.  Because it models reality as it is –as opposed to how we think it is- NEUSREL regularly explains 30 to 80% better why customers buy (see, Feature article in Marketing Research Magazine, Scientific paper)

NEUSRELTM has been tested, results have been published in scientific journals, and its accuracy has been acknowledged by leading (Publications). NEUSREL gave rise to entire new class of statistical procedures called “”Universal Structure Modeling“ (USM). Leading brands around the world use the practical value of USM which does not require assumptions that are difficult to justify with real-world data. (References).