AI-Powered Insights: The Liberation From Spurious Correlations

The Book


Think Causal Not Casual

Studies show that 81% of all marketing managers see the use of AI as the greatest lever for their business. However, according to McKinsey (2023), only 7% use it intensively and successfully. The reasons for this are complex. A central reason is disillusionment in practical implementation: 1. AI forecasting systems often fail shortly after launch, 2. they often show unfounded discrimination against minorities, 3. insights and derived actions often do not work as predicted.

This book shows how the emerging trend of Causal Artificial Intelligence (Causal AI) not only overcomes this challenge, but also heralds a paradigm shift in marketing strategy. Discover how Causal AI can help you discover hidden connections in data and develop more effective marketing strategies. This book is a must-read for executives looking to gain an edge in the digital landscape.

It will show you:

  • Why the traditional view of “more data equals more insights” is not enough in the modern marketing world.
  • How the role of marketing goes beyond mere data collection and why a conceptual understanding of data analytics is essential for marketing leaders.
  • What it takes to navigate a world of smoke and mirrors and buzzword bingo by asking the right questions.

This book is written to provide an intuitive understanding of cutting-edge technologies. True to the motto “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it”, the author Dr. Frank Buckler challenges himself with the aim of bringing every marketeer on a par with data scientists.


Chapter 4:

THE VALUE - Applications in Marketing & Sales - where did the new mouse traps do wonders

Chapter 5:

THE TREND - Generative AI needs Causal AI (and the other way around)

Chapter 6:

THE DOING - How to win your organization on this

Chapter 7:

THE TOOLS - Overview on Causal AI software

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