AI-Powered Insights: The Liberation From Spurious Correlations

The Book


Think Causal Not Casual

Marketing managers today see the use of AI as the biggest lever for the coming years. Nevertheless, only very few use these technologies intensively and successfully. There are many reasons for this. One key reason is disillusionment with the practical implementation:

  • AI forecasting systems are often weaker than hoped for in live operation.
  • AI often leads to unjustified discrimination against minorities
  • Insights from AI systems regularly do not work as predicted
  • Generative AI looks good at first and sounds plausible. On closer inspection, there is often a lack of substance and the marketing content generated does not work any better than before.

This book shows how the emerging trend of causal artificial intelligence (Causal AI) not only overcomes this challenge, but also heralds a paradigm shift in marketing strategy.

The author describes why decision-making cannot be handed over to data science, what exactly Causal AI is and which algorithms it works with. He uses dozens of case studies to illustrate how Causal AI is introducing a turnaround. It helps to:

  • Better explain what causes success
  • Make more effective decisions
  • Generate marketing material that works better


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