The effect of all touchpoints in interaction – digital, analog, dialogue.

The challenge:

The customer journey and the points of contact with the customer are becoming more and more complex due to digital media. Contact events determine and moderate themselves in their effect.  It seems almost impossible to prove the full effect of certain touchpoint contacts and the success conditions.

The solution:

Touchpoint.AI combines two approaches. We measure single-source digital touchpoint contacts, determine the status of the marketing funnel, touchpoint awareness and evaluate the decision criteria of the same person. A multiple survey makes it possible to reveal the order of the touch points. Optionally, further touchpoint measurements such as OOH or TV exposure can be matched. The extensive data set is analyzed for relationships using an AI-based, self-learning driver analysis (universal structure modeling).

Your benefit:

You better understand the customer journeys of your target customers and identify the touch points of central importance and make more targeted use of the different roles of your channels.