Evidenced: Which Creative Techniques Drive your In-Market Performance

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Invitation: We accept inquiries for participation of your brand until Feb 25 2018

For six product categories, our syndicated study ”Creative.AI“ in 2017 has revealed which creative techniques and emotional triggers drive purchase intent – short and long-term.

In 2018 we are expanding this approach by not limiting it to purchase intention anymore. Research shows that intention and purchase are correlated, but– depending on product category, research approach and context – this correlation can be substantially increased.

In this study we show the specific impact of intentions on purchase behavior for your specific product category. We make causal relationships transparent and maximize the power to predict the in-market impact of creatives – even before anything has been produced.

With your participation in this syndicated study you will profit from the following deliverables:

  • You test your commercial with a target group that already resides within the purchase funnel instead of surveying people that will not have a need for the product or service in the near future
  • You determine the short-term and long-term sales impact of creative techniques (e.g. celebrities, spokesperson, brand song, or 100 others), emotional triggers (indulgence, family love or 130 others) and physiological emotions (happiness, surprise, sadness, etc.).
  • You receive insights that will show you which content features of your commercials have which emotional impact on your customers; this will enable you to improve creative and message design

How we proceed

  1. Copy-testing of commercials in an online survey: We simultaneously test a large range of competitive spots in order to cover a large variety of creative techniques. The tested ads will be profiled with an objectivized content analysis.
  2. Purchase intention measured with improved methods; scientifically validated and state-of-the-art
  3. Re-contacting of respondents after exposure and determining their purchases
  4. Driver analysis (self-learning, AI-based) to quantify the causal importance of creative techniques

Costs for participating companies depend on reachability of your target group, the purchase frequency of your product category and the target region. Fees start at $6k per tested commercial.

For product categories with infrequent purchases we will also provide data on information seeking behavior (in addition to purchase behavior).

Schedule: Declare your interest shortly. We finalize agreements until Feb 25, 2018. Field phase is March to April. You get descriptive copytest results in April and final study reports end of May, 2018.

Contact: Frank Buckler, PhD., buckler@success-drivers.com