Why Good Sex is not enough: Artificial Intelligence reveals the key drivers of a happy relationship

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Why Good Sex is not enough: Artificial Intelligence reveals the key drivers of a happy relationship 

We just released a study that explored the hidden drivers of relationship satisfaction. The results exemplify the power of the Success Drivers solutions to reveal hidden customer loyalty and brand consideration drivers using two simple questions: a scale to measure satisfaction and an open text field asking “why.” The study was done in collaboration with caplena.com – an AI-powered platform for analysis of open ended survey questions.

We asked spouses or partners why they are satisfied or dissatisfied with their relationship. They most frequently mentioned “joint activities” and “lack of cooperation”. What we discovered is that those reasons have a minor impact on their relationship satisfaction.

The Success Drivers AI technology revealed the factors that were more likely to lead to fulfilled relationships. Physical affection is important and prevents the leading reason for dissatisfaction (after cheating) in a relationship. However, our AI algorithm found that physical affection is a necessary, but insufficient condition for relationship satisfaction. Importantly, happy relationships are associated with higher reports of good communication among partners and unexpected helping behaviors that demonstrate a partner is willing to go the extra mile.

The methodologies used in this study rely on coding text into content categories. Caplena.com is an AI-powered platform which automatically codes text with great precision after training by human content experts. Its novel deep-learning-based engine enables fast, inexpensive and accurate analysis of large scale open end surveys or other text sources.

The figure above shows the whole picture of this study. The vertical axis is the frequency that a relationship factor was mentioned, and the horizontal axis shows the derived impact of those factors on relationship satisfaction. The results show the challenge of conventional survey research: namely that humans have difficulty knowing and expressing what drives their behavior. Self-learning AI-based algorithms help find the complex correlations between stated responses and the level of satisfaction.

More details on the applied methodology, the caplena.com text analysis platform and the new generation of Net Promoter Score programs (NPS.AI) will be provided by a series of webinars that codit.co and Success Drivers will host together this fall.

The next webinar takes place on August 28, 11am ET. Free registration over https://goo.gl/2fGoKr

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