Multi-client study PRICE.AI

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Test all your prices at scalable costs

Manufacturers and retailers have to manage hundreds or thousands of prices. Established price measurement methods such as conjoint are too expensive on this scale. Simple methods like PSM produce rationally biased results.

The solution: In a standardized online survey of potential customers, Price.AI uses an “implicit” survey method to measure unconscious willingness to pay. This is the scientifically established way to reveal unconscious associations. We apply this to the price range to be tested (default 7 price points). A 5-minutes questionnaire later, our algorithm calculates a multiple validated price-demand function and the profit-maximizing price range.

The Multi-client-Study: 

  • Starts beginning of June 2018
  • Express your interest until May 17th.
  • Your input: In our Excel template, you write down the product description, the price points to be tested, the name of the product image to be shown and select the screener question belonging to the product.
  • You will receive: Price-sales function in Excel per product. When indicating the product cost of goods sold, we deliver a price-profit function.
  • Participation costs: 500 USD per tested product plus 1.5k setup fee (volume discount scale an request)

For further background information please contact Frank Buckler, PhD. Just send an email to: